Saturday, January 19, 2013

SOLD-Stock Island Gray Day 0119B-7x9

note: this is a little bigger than normal for the same price as a 6x8 

after being sick in bed all day yesterday i went out and painted with my buddy john clayton (go check out his blog) this morning in the overcast. he really appreciates the colors of that light key. i'm learning to. i love these studies that are quickly rendered with no muss or fuss.


Marla said...

I see a little "glow" in this one too. New technique?

I should probably feel sorry for you, being sick on a cloudy day in paradise, but I don't :)

Jerry Stocks said...

This is a fantastic painting. I surely hope I get to take a class from you one of these days.

mike rooney studios said...

marla- nothing new. glad you like the shimmer!

jerry- as much as i travel i'm sure i'll be somewhere near you soon LOL hope to see you then!