Monday, January 14, 2013

SOLD-Yellow House on White St.-0114B-6x8


just found out i'll have a show of the new paintings i'm doing for the gallery on greene in key west. it'll be mid march. if youre in town, stop by during the exhibition (or after) and see the new stuff! i'll start posting some of the ones ive got done here shortly.
here's the plein air mobile! my trusty $20 bicycle complete with basket and a homemade back rack made of wood and a curtain rod i found. this is the stealth model for slippin' in and out of KW alleyways and lanes. its camoflouged so wary tenants and angry street vendors dont see me till i'm almost done with the painting!

look at the lush backyard. my island hideaway. 


Klinger Studios said...

Congratulations on your show, Mike. In your set up here I see your pochade box, but what is the other white box on top of that - wet canvas box?

mike rooney studios said...

its a wet panel carrier i'm making and selling. made of masonite it is bulletproof and holds several wet panels. will last a lifetime!