Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Small Town Shadows-0101B-8x10

a small town sidewalk in nc in december.
made it to orlando on the first day of my 18 hr.trek to KW. thanks for your hospitality and great spaghetti paul!
funny story about paul (and a great lesson for plein air painters)
you know how when youre out there painting away in a very public place, people love to see what youre doing? and they want to talk to you about the piece, but sometimes we're concentrating so hard on the painting we arent as sociable as we usually might be?
well check this out! i'm painting in key west a few years back where the cruise ships let folks off. i'm working on a street scene and a guy and a girl come up and are very interested in what i'm doing.... its paul (and his girlfriend) we chat awhile about the little study and he says he's from orlando visiting KW and wants the little painting. so i sell it to him, find out he's also a painter and we become friends. he signed up for the italy workshop i did a few years ago, and then another one last fall in maine. we paint together every time he visits KW and we are great friends to this day!
moral of the story. dont ever, ever be short and unsociable with pedestrians when youre painting. if you are mean to them, they could turn out to be one of the best friends you NEVER had!


Margo said...

Great advice. I used to dread the person who might want to chat with me. Over it. Since I always sketch in restaurants while I wait for my order, pen and paper not oils, I have discovered I get better than the usual wonderful service (tips do work afterall) because the wait staff and bus people all want to see my sketch and see if they can figure out who it is. Probably secretly they hope it's them. I never sketch staff, wouldn't want to have an off day and hurt someones feelings and have them do something nasty to my food after all. Have a blast in KW>

jimmy craig womble said...

Hate we didn't catch up before you left, Mike! Have fun down there, see you in the spring. Maybe I'll have some time when you return, or at least be able to put Hopper in a backpack while out to paint! Cheers, Rooney

mike rooney studios said...

margo-i bet sketching in restaurants is challenging. theyre always moving! way to go

jimmy- knew you had your hands full. i did it too long ago, so i know!
we'll definately get together and do some painting together when i get back. keep em straight up there!

cheryl meehan said...

I'm so glad you posted this because everyone wants to come up and make a comment. Can be frustrating. Love your brushstrokes and color. Inspiring.