Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In the Middle of the Road

here i am at the office yesterday. right in the middle of what used to be the inbound lane into KW. but the powers that be decided to put up a barricade right down the middle of the island turn what was the outbound lane into the inbound lane. theyre putting all the important cables etc under the road. all traffic going the other way is rerouted to the other side of the island. needless to say its a nightmare to drive (but a great place to paint). expected completion date? 2015

oh yeah... i'm obsessed with painting from the "war zone" as i call it. funny thing is i'm out there painting the beautiful shapes of orange barrels, dirt and construction signs, all against a blue/turquoise water scene dotted with palms backdrop. not one soul is working (or hassling me) for as far as the eye can see. then the other night i'm painting a late night scene and this guy comes out and starts jabbering away at me wanting to know why would i come out at night and paint and get away from his little concession stand. the only people that arent nice to street painters in this town (and everywhere) are people who have businesses on the sidewalk or alley youre on. very territorial.

i'll post the paintings when i get em tweaked enough for human consumption.


Marla said...

Wish I was there! Looking forward to hearing about your brushes with the law this year.

Rita said...

Do people hassle you when you're in a group? Beautiful work, as always!

KeRobinson said...

WOW! Really? Territorial? What kind of vendors I can't imagine....I mean I was really craving a frozen frappe in this dead heat, but think I will see if I can buy a painting instead....ahhhh yea, thick paint!
BTW, I love your work, I would buy the frappe just to have an excuse to wander over, LOL!

solaris hill notes said...

Greetings from the Hill.

Great...and 'the thought for a day'...hohoho...MJ..

mike rooney studios said...

marla-i'm sure there will be tales to be told!

rita- groups dont stop mean people from being mean, they cant help themselves. and thanks for the nice words

kerobinson- right! i'm not taking money out of anybodys mouth painting on the street. appreciate you weighing in

mj- keep em straight up there on the hill