Sunday, January 27, 2013

$100-Triangles and Barrels-0127B-6x8

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Beware Editorializing Ahead! 

my painting bud john c. and i were comparing notes on some artists that we've encountered in person and online that we consider "bashers". they are extremely opinionated and have no tolerance for those artists that they dont consider "serious". one guy swears that if you watch tv you can never become a skilled painter and he considers you somehow unworthy. i say this as one who doesnt watch tv myself. not to make me a better painter but for different i agree with the above artist?

yes and no. yes in that i agree that you will always get out of something what you put in. this goes for painting as well. who wouldnt agree that a person who painted instead of watching some desperate housewives wouldnt get better? but do i think that because you do watch the tube, that you wont ever be a skilled painter? no. and i dont like the elitists who say you cant have a social life or other interests and be a good painter. they just say this i think to justify their life. and thats ok to have that kind of life, just dont put down others who dont live that way, right? this type of person is usually extremely accomplished (and many of them commercially successful) yes this is true, but can you be balanced and hold the attitude that one should only be painting and all other activities are a distraction from that end. i dont think so, but again i could be wrong

will we have to work harder when we are painting, if we dont do it every waking minute, probably (unless you are a painting savante) but as for me i'll work harder and balance that with my credo that says 'work hard and play hard!'

Below is one of my newer gallery paintings and will be on the cover of the postcard invitations announcing the show starting the 16th of march
A View up Fleming 0126B 8x10


Marla said...

LOL! I'll bet most of the artists who say you can't have anything else in your life are men! - who don't have child care, housework, cooking, car pooling, PTA, etc. etc. That's a huge luxury for any artist to be ABLE to devote their whole life to it.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Mike, you know I'm a road girl and I LOVE this!!!

John Clayton said...

Number 49 on Irwin Greenberg's famous Artist's Survival Kit is Stay Away From the Put-Down artist
It's very distracting having these bad eggs creating disciples at everyones expense.

mike rooney studios said...

youre exactly right marla! they must have maids and short order cooks on the payroll. and theyre dull! LOL

thanks mary

right on john! thanks for the link!