Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Early Morning Skiff 2-16x20

Early Morning Skiff 2
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I took a bunch of paintings to galleries lately and you always get some you really liked back in return.
like orphans who keep getting left behind at the orphanage, some of em are good kids. sure they've got their little flaws but I cant understand why nobody wants to "adopt/buy" them. so I say, must be something the buyers just cant overlook. so I threw this one on the easel to see what could be done after not looking at it for the last 12 months (tho its actually a few years old)

first thing I decided to do was wash warmth all over it with a glaze. it looked a little too cool to me. I'm thinking the original was probably closer to the original light key but the electric company doesn't care about that at all. they want my money for lights this month. I gotta sell this puppy. ok I'm exaggerating but I cant help but keep playing the starving artist role ive perfected all these years.

then I took out all the paraphernalia on the boat and the boat numbers. strengthened the trailer and fooled with the shadow (darkenening the value) under the boat and made some darker shapes in the background trees adding some warmth (and some blue) to the shadows and made better shapes on the ones I thought were awkward. will anybody notice? doubtful but I think its like....if you don't comb your hair its not so bad but if you don't comb your hair, brush your teeth, or put on a clean shirt, its the cumulative effect that'll kill ya. the less little things ive got wrong with this piece the better it'll look overall.

hopefully, another painting saved from the brutal and violent "sand down" day that happens when I'm in a funk. haven't had one of those in a while, so I'm due.

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