Thursday, July 3, 2014

Today and Forever-24x30

Today and Forever
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fresh paint! been on a painting binge here lately. I'm excited about the work, so it makes me want to get in the studio and be productive. finally the big ones are as loose and colorful as my plein air studies. not to mention, its great to be in the studio when its 95 degrees out with 95% humidity. plein air is no fun in those conditions.
today the hurricane is bearing down on my beach town. I don't see anybody boarding up anything so I'm thinking like everybody else that it wont be that bad. the only sign of panic ive seen so far is one lady coming out of the grocery store with half dozen gallons of water. see that kinda rubs me wrong. if everybody did that the shelf would be empty really quick then nobody could get even ONE and they might need it worse than she needs six. I don't know, I might catch flack on that. been watching too much Curb Your Enthusiasm lately. the hero of the comedy is always pointing stuff like that out and everybody ridicules him for his opinions. hilarious.
hope you like the painting even if you don't like my take on the water hoarder!  :)


robin220 said...

Love the painting, love your take on the water hoarder but really, really love Larry David and his show!!!! Good call on all three!!! Have a great 4th of July...stay dry!

Unknown said...

WOW Mike, you have been busy! I like them all, but really like what you did with Early morning skiff remake !! Enjoy your blogs! check them daily before I start the (grind ) lol. Wayne