Wednesday, July 9, 2014

work in progress day two

The Acadia Maine workshop is officially a go! still seats available if you want to paint on gorgeous Mt. Desert Island on the upcoming Labor Day holiday (the best weather in maine). just contact Acadia Workshop Center and tell Gail you wanna attend. you wont regret it, I promise!
forgot to shoot pic of day one on this monster sized painting but it had a crazy out of the tube orange for the dirt, orangeish/pink for the sky and purples and violets for the boats and shed in shadow.
on day two, I went over all that dry paint (key to colorful paintings-no mud) with a less saturated mixture of yellow ochre and orange with gray in it. then I put a less saturated purple down and got a few variations of value in the boat. green grass in shadow and grass in light. then I went over the sky with a pretty saturated manganese/cerulean blue and then i scrubbed in a slightly lighter value of yellow/yellow ochre mix into the bottom half of the sky to warm it up. I might leave the sky as is as I'm pretty happy with it (in present context) as is. dirt might need some cooling off and graying down but its a really good underpaint color. like the pinkish roof on the little shed to the right of the bow too. might leave it as is too. liking the white reflection but i'll probably add some warmth to it
the glare is going to be the star of the show so i'll give that area a lot of thought and painting time.
spend more time on the focal point than anywhere else on the painting (inch for inch)

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