Friday, December 21, 2007

A Good Place to Work

Heres the studio version from the plein air 12x16 " A Good Day at Work" less the van.
my internal debate is whether "most" people like their large landscape paintings to be idyllic and dreamy versus having a component in it thats maybe not so dreamy. the van introduces "work" or "reality" into it?
there are lots of people that love the george bellows genre of work/not so lovely reality/industrial stuff but i'm trying to figure out if the traditional landscape buyer will buy them large

i put the small shrimper in the back because they do work at this spot.

it's funny-these guys ignore me when i'm painting, where most times people gawk at me when i'm painting around them. they dont even pay me any mind.

me-- i like the one with the van in it. may do one large with it in there just to prove to myself that i havent sold out :)

contact me if you're interested in this one


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