Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rooftop View in Wilmington


Painted this off top level of the front st. parking deck.

a hundred pidgeons were my only audience. this old building caught my eye standing out against the cool blues of the cape fear river and the sky.

for those that would like to know my techniques- note: i do my whole underpainting in acrylics because it dries fast and i can sketch and lay in colors one on top of another very quickly. when i'm happy with the underpainting i switch over to oils

first comes a wash of magenta acrylic and a tad of white to get rid of the blinding white canvas. then i use straight magenta to draw big shapes and let the wash be the medium value and paint in the darkest value with a combination of magenta and blue. find the lightest value shape and paint it white-ish yellow. now you have a colorful/bright and warm base for all your oils.

now i switch the palette over to oils, and try to paint the approximate colors of the big shapes thinly, adjusting and thickening the paint as i hone in on the right value/color. i work for about 2 hrs. and at the end i bring out a small brush and add the details like telephone poles, window sills, people, etc.

leave the small brushes till last so you dont get concerned with detail until right at the end. painting is all about big shapes of proper "valhues" as kevin mcpherson calls em.

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