Tuesday, December 18, 2007

my new blog

A Good Day at Work_12x16_oil on canvas board

well here is the first post on my new blog

i'll try my best to post at least weekly and when the weather's bad i'll do it daily. this will give you some insight into the life of a struggling plein air artist. i've been fulltime almost a year now and i hope those hard times are behind me. to steal an already famous quote "they were the best of times, they were the worst of times"

thanks for looking-

If youre interested in this piece contact me by email. its in the sidebar above and to the right

here is one of the newest paintings done this past week

its in sneads ferry and the guys drive down to the waters edge and park. they wade out into the shallow water in their "sneads ferry sneakers" (rubber boots) out to the boats and oyster, fish etc.

how would you like this place to be your workplace? i'm lucky because it's mine too! life is good!


Anonymous said...

you want us to feel sorry for you, huh? cost you dearly, huh, but yet you are loving life. doesn't make sense to normal people. get a real job.

poor struggling artist, just like vincent. if i give you a knife will you cut off your ear just like my brother did?

that would be the test of just how dedicated you are.


Bernie Rosage Jr. said...

Welcome to the bloggin' world Mike. I look forward to reading your adventures and seeing your great paintings...

mike rooney studios said...


a person can pay a heavy price for something and love every minute that he's doing it.
people pay extravagant prices for objects all the time and then consider it chump change for the joy the object brings them.
vocationally-some teach at the grade school level when they are qualified to teach college where the finacial rewards are much greater. but they made the sacrifice to follow their own path and are still as happy as they can be. lawyers that are public defenders instead of corporate fatcat lawyers. you get the idea.
i have made sacrifices, but the fact that i said i'm smiling about having made them shows that i'm not trying to get sympathy. the sacrifices have been very much worth it. and i do have a real job. its called a painter. and no, cutting off one's ear is the sign of a sick mind not dedication.
enjoyed the rant tho'. to think it only took a few hours to get one. oh the wonders of the worldwide web!
take care theo

mike rooney studios said...

Found out today that Theo was a good friend goofin' on me. way to go i was punked and fell for it hook line, and sinker. now i'm off to plan my revenge :)