Sunday, December 30, 2007

More still life fun


I have finally got the still life corner user friendly and couldnt wait to throw this blue vase up on the stand and PAINT

underpainted it with red and let alot of it peek through. somehow that infuses paintings with all that warmth (even in the shadows) and it looks like it was painted outside in sunlight to me. so i'm super happy with this one. still feeling out my style/color combos etc as you can tell by previous posts. to me they all look like different people did em. i'll land on a consistent style as soon as i've played some more.

NOTE- - just sold my first (of many i hope) painting on ebay to a high bidder in charleston, sc. she bought the rooftop in wilmington painting for a whopping $49.95 about a fourth of what i used to sell them for in other venues. you know me i'm all about volume.

"Small Blue Vase"- 8x6-oil on canvas board

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