Saturday, December 29, 2007

Clearly a Pear- 8x6 on c.b.

Email me and make an offer on this one.

The more of these still life setups i do, the more stoked i get. you can arrange the same setup with traditional lighting effects or really dramatic. you can change the eye level from straight on to looking straight down on it. all these variables change the colors, shadow patterns etc. making it much more exciting to paint than i ever imagined. and to think i thought anything except plein air was boring. carole marines blog has given me so much inspiration. thanks carole

i spent the morning making a corner of the studio a cool little still life area. it has peg board and shelving for ease of height adjustment and a cool way to hang the lighting so i can instantly go from side lit to backlit in seconds. i'm ssoooooo stoked. cant wait for some rainy cold days so i can have an excuse to stay inside and experiment.


Barbara Pask said...

Very nice painting. I know what you mean about still lifes, it's all I've been doing lately. I was determined to be a plein air painter but I think still lifes may be my thing. Keep painting. Barb

mike rooney studios said...

thanks barb for the nice words. they say you should paint what you like. hey we need some studio painters too right? good luck and stop back by the blog.