Friday, August 15, 2008

Commission Piece

finally got this commission done and i hope she'll think the wait was worth it. scheduling was difficult with the family and my schedules been very hectic lately.
you can see a few little tricks i use to point viewers to the center of interest or the "bullseye". the edges are hardest, colors the richest, and the most contrast is around the flowers and foliage by the front part of the deck. then i used the sandy spots in the grass and the phone pole in the background to also lead the eye to that area. thats what makes this painting have a nice center of interest. then played up the orange/ blue compliment color scheme. subtle tho'.

Kinston and Davis- 12x16- SOLD commission

If you'd like me to paint your house, beach cottage/trailer, boat or whatever.... shoot me an email and we'll discuss it. they are very, very affordable and make great gifts to others or to yourself. go ahead... you deserve it!!


Frank Gardner said...

Great design and execution in this one Mr. Rooney.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks man. appreciate it!
you know how you get these commission pieces of stuff we probably wouldnt otherwise paint? you try to figure out,, how can i make this a piece of fine art and not an illustration (and probably most important__keep my interest-level)? thats what this one was. as it turned out i finished out the day painting some more trailers. thats wild!