Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Short Rest-man i needed it

no images to show from yesterday because i painted them and delivered to my gallery in atlantic beach and forgot to shoot pics of them. i was too far away before i realized my mistake. oh well.

then today i totally goofed off. i mean i didnt do squat. the liberating feeling was intensified even further by the fact that the light was perfect for painting. i resisted the urge.

just having this one goof off day was just what the doctor ordered.

this whole issue came up after realizing that i was headed towards professional burnout. thanks frank for the slap upside the head (see post below if you dont know what i'm talking about) in a nutshell.... allow some decompress time in the schedule or suffer the emotional and physical effects. gotta quit saying, "i'll rest when i'm dead" or i will be. so i decompressed all day!

leaving this weekend to teach a plein air workshop in the shenandoah mountains of virginia. the sponsor said the sold out class was stoked and eager to paint outside and learn new stuff. i'm stoked to get a change of scenery and get out of the sauna we call august in n.c.


Frank Gardner said...

Good for you Mike.
I'm sure that class will appreciate the rested you, fully charged.

mike rooney studios said...

you teach so you know this as well.... i know they'll get more for their money. those three day workshops can be exhausting. i feel like i have to be my absolute best (demos, energy levels, kindness and patience when its not being easy to do that at the moment, and figuring out ways to make sure the students GET what we're trying to show them) you know what i'm talking about!
but we can have the emotional energy to do well at all those things only IF we are enjoying the ride and not gritting our teeth thru it right?
do you teach any in the fall or will your next one be march 09?
i do spring and fall, mostly

Frank Gardner said...

I don't usually teach in the fall Mike. It is a time when I try and get a lot of painting done.
The landscape here is great in the fall though with lots of wild flowers and it is still green.