Saturday, August 16, 2008

Knife Paintings Galore

i'm back on my knife kick and it feels so good! theres something raw and pure about steel and pure pigment. no thinners dirtying up the color mixtures. you have to look at the shape and figure out how to scoop in the color, and which direction you want the marbleizing to go, and you get all these unexpected marks. some you dont like, scrape out and redo. and some are absolutely brilliant in their randomness and you do everything in your power to keep from messing them up. this is why i paint! the completed painting is just the byproduct and has no importance to me after the creative process is finished.

Crashing In- 6x8 oil on canvas board


Magenta Sunset- 6x8 oil on canvas board


Yellow Mustard- 8x8 oil on w/c paper-


If you must have one of these i'll give you a deal. i want to sell these before i put them for sale on EBay. the marsh scene might go to Woods Gallery on Bald Head Island if it doesnt sell here on the blog.
email me if you want one.

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