Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Progress on RBC Centura

Finally! time to post some pics.
three down two to go. here's number two and three.
dont think it was as hot as everybody said it would be. at least it didnt feel like it was. some little pakistani dude hassled me about being on the Fast Fare property painting the hayes barton pharmacy in five points. i mean if i was panhandling or something i could see somebody saying something, but painting. c'mon. he was the mgr. or something. jeez give a hard working plein air painter a break, it's nearly a hundred degrees out here! then he runs inside to the a/c leaving me to sweat my *^^&(*) off making a buck.

Tomorrow night is the opening of my City Art Show in Greenville. i'll be doing a demo during the reception so come and check it out. both James Kerr and Kevin LePrince will be there to but come support the NC!

Afternoon in Five Points- 24x30-oil on stretched canvas
NFS- SOLD commission

Grand Entrance- 24x30- oil on stretched canvas

NFS- SOLD commission


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Both beautiful! Nicely designed.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks for the kind words. its a little dicey doing these 24x30's plein air with no sketches, thumbnails etc. just paint like a madman and hope for the best.