Sunday, August 3, 2008

WIP- The Miss Charlotte

no i'm not dead. just felt like it once or twice this long, long week in near 100 temps.
went to paint on bald head island for two days, but i made the drive daily and back home. its an hour drive down then 1/2 an hour ferry trip. then you have to ride golf carts at 10 mph all over the island, then ferry, one hour drive again. so needless to say those 9 am- 1o pm days didnt leave me time to blog.

then i got some great news. RBC Centura Bank commissioned me to paint five 24x30's for their new bank complex in downtown raleigh, nc.
thing is, ive got 10 days to complete the project for their gala event. so i'm under the gun to have that done on time and make them awesome. we're talking fortune 5oo company material here. i dont want any junk in that place with my name on it.
wow. i'm honored to have my stuff in such a high profile collection.
now i keep telling myself:
"Youre not going to pass out from the heat, keep working sissy" and "this all may be a dream but enjoy it none the less"
they want two coastal pieces and three local raleigh scenes from me. i've decided to do all five with painting knives

heres the first one

WIP- The Miss Charlotte- 24x30
today all i did was block in the big shapes and try to get some complementary color and nice color harmonies going. tomorrow i'll return and really throw the thick, luscious paint at it with lots of the impasto medium mixed in so its really textural in places. i've got the boring hard part out of the way and will return to cedar point tomorrow to have the fun! what a life! now i have to go hydrate so i dont get heat stroke finishing this outside tomorrow.


Frank Gardner said...

Wow, good gig.
Good luck with those. I dont know if I could get 5 24x30's done in ten days.

mike rooney studios said...

its all i'm going to work on for the next seven days and hopefully the weather wont trip me up.
the 24x30's plein air usually take two, two and a half hour sessions. keeps it very expressive and loose which i lose if i try to do them in the studio. i'm so jealous of how yours look plein air even when youre studio painting. lucky dog you. its nearly 100 deg. and 90% humidity. you can feel it in the painting when i'm finished (sweat mixed in probably!) LOL

Frank Gardner said...

Yeah, I know man. We were in Orlando last week and the humidity was killin me. It really saps your energy.

mike rooney studios said...

i do a few on days like that outside and i'm wiped out all that night.
is mexico humid or dry heat and easier on the body?
i'll be earning my money this week thats for sure. Especially when i do the urban raleigh pieces. standing in the midde of these huge skyscrapers with no breeze, standing on hot sidewalks, and every bum in the city trying to score wine money off the broke painter
they always think i have something to give them. little do they know!

Frank Gardner said...

It's pretty dry where I am at 6500 feet semi desert. It is the rainy season right now. But the humidity is NOTHING like what you guys are having right now. I was sweating as soon as I walked out the door last week.