Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Hazy Day

i'm not especially fond of painting on a day that is hazy. the shadows are very soft, there is not much contrast, and there seems to be a lot of atmosphere in the air.
but when i saw these umbrellas on the beach i HAD to paint it! and i'm glad i ventured out.
this really reminds me of an Edward Potthast and is Sorrolla-esque. like the umbrellas. the part that is in shadow on the white one is very warm and only half a value difference. Sorrolla had a cool way of barely dropping the value but the temperature difference showed the form instead of darker values.
my favorite part of this painting is the shadows of the white umbrellas. weird to really love about 1/30th of a painting but all you artists out there know what i'm talking about!

Hazy Umbrellas-6x8- oil on canvas board


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

The colors are very Potthast.
I sometimes crop a little piece out of an otherwise, dog of a painting and it IS the painting!

mike rooney studios said...

i went to a website and was checking out his work and youre right. not only is the treatment potthast-esque, the colors are too.