Saturday, October 25, 2008

Junk Food Series

Semi-Nude Snickers


Thinking of doing a junk food series. candy, pop tarts, chips, cupcakes, all the stuff i'm going to hate to eat after painting. Must suffer for my art!!

here's my first offering. hope your sweet tooth likes it. these little gems would look great in a grouping or scattered around the house, dorm, or apartment. Buy now before it goes to auction on EBay.


Anonymous said...

Mike-looks like you've been really reaching in your selection of subject and not putting yourself into a rut of category.
It's courageous and obviously working well for you. The new entries look very fresh and lively.

Happy belated 50- they are all a big deal, the round numbers and the odd ones too.

I've been away, without internet for a week, and have had no power at home after Hurricane Omar- but wanted to catch up on your paintings. I'm glad I did.
I even recognize the nail polish bottle as one that I have.

mike rooney studios said...


been wondering where you were
knew about the hurricane and wondered if that had anything to do with your absence.
the longest i went without power because of a hurricane was three days and i was going crazy. we had to keep a generator going from neighbor to neighbors house.
glad youre ok and welcome back to the blogosphere!

Frank Gardner said...

This one is sweet Mike!
Like the junk food series idea. The flowers are really well done. I can't tell that they are plastic at all.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks man. it is "sweet" or should it WAS sweet! LOL
i really dont like painting flowers. dont know why i dont just dont, so thanks for the encouragement.
now cosmetics they are FUN to paint!