Thursday, October 9, 2008

Long Absence

Overcast Restaurant- 8x6

Sorry for the long absence. like frank g. says life and art marketing got in the way of painting. i have been doing it just not having time at night to blog.

turned 50 yesterday and went out for my first lobster dinner last night. wow. it was a lot of hype for nothing. its ok but not as notable as turning a half a century old!

the one above is a neat little restaurant entrance in downtown wilmington. learning to paint on those overcast days and liking it! hope you enjoy it too.

i should be back on a regular blogging schedule if life (and marketing) doesnt get in the way. but a guys gotta eat right? LOL


Frank Gardner said...

Well Happy Birthday Mike!
First lobster dinner? Dang, where you been?
Here's to 50 more. Years that is.

Overcast days are tough to paint.

mike rooney studios said...

i never could see spending that much money on myself for a meal, especially when i had the whole family on my bill too. the wifey picked up the tab the other night. wow. i kinda liked eating for free, its tastier that way isnt it? LOL
seems overcast day paintings dont sell as well... do you find that to be true too?