Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Flowers and Such.....

Stuck in Ceramic

Bought these plastic flowers at Dollar General last night and got hooked on painting them. they dont wilt, the colors are nice. i never used fake flowers because i thought they'd look fake in the painting, but they dont. so i'm going to hit flea markets and yard sales for fake fruit and flowers along with some funky glass to put em in.

EBay sales are really doing well for me this week. i'm tickled. its taken a long time to get some traction but the work is just beginning to pay off. thanks to all that have bought these 'little gems' on this blog and EBay. my wife, and son in community college, REALLY appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

When it's raining outside or an overcast day with a lot of glare, where and how do you take your pictures for your blog?
PS Looking forward to the Morehead workshop!

mike rooney studios said...

alot of times i just set it up on the easel and shoot it with my photo floodlights. one on one side off my left shoulder and one off my right shoulder the exact same distance and angle as the other. tilt the painting a little down too. this way cuts down on glare. you have to let them dry a day or two also. when theyre freshly painted the paint is really glarey inside under photofloods. hope this helps
p.s. i'm thinking of putting tracing paper over my lights to diffuse the light and cut down on the glare too.
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