Sunday, October 12, 2008

Seeing Progress Since My Beginning

Fall Sunset (Topsail Dr.)
8x20 oil on canvasboard

I can see my progress in learning to paint since i first started doing these beach road scenes. its like night and day. all the work, the small paintings, still lifes, and trying to paint every single day is starting to pay off.
all this architecture, multiple closely related values, saturated vs unsaturated shapes, used to really perplex me. now i just block in the big values first, de-saturate things in the distance and try real hard capture the light key.

i dont know if they look any better than when i started, but they sure seem easier to negotiate these days.

if you will just paint, paint, paint your stuff will get better. its impossible for it not to. so be patient with yourself. remember you are painting as well today as you really want to. WOW that was deep LOL

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