Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Still Life Lemons

Lemon Slices
4x4 on canvasboard
Really like the looseness and reflected light in this one. who would have thought a little 4x4 would look so BIG!


Sylvia Jenstad said...

had to sop... love your colours... I also love 'Long Absence'... really cool

mike rooney studios said...

thanks sylvia. that little 4x4 kept me from getting tight and i only concentrated on the colors. thanks for stopping by, please come often.
there are no bids on lemon slices $9 could take it!

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Mike, you have a bunch of nice work since my last visit. This one is awesome!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks frank
its amazing how every once in a while for some unknown reason and out of nowhere you do one thats right, isnt it? i did the second one of the lemon slices and they didnt come out 1/10 as nice. what the *(&^&*&*( happened? jeez i just moved them around a bit! if they all came out real well we'd probably get bored and quit wouldnt we.
i loved hearing about you guys painting in the rain. thats what REAL plein air painters do. i want to split the house with you next year if you have an opening. seriously! you guys are about painting!
p.s. im gonna check out that brand of umbrella too. looks sturdy and i like that its tall so you dont have to duck under it. preesh the post today.