Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mini Mason Jar-SOLD

Day two teaching a workshop on the Outer Banks. this is a demo i did showing the class how to paint glass.

in a nutshell, you ignore the fact that it's glass. paint the edges of the glass and put the background color 'inside the glass' and whatever other shape, color spot you see. put the reflected lights on, a few highlites from the spotlight, and a nice dark color for a good value range. squint and paint ONLY what you see. again forget its glass and that its hard to paint LOL


Allison Currie said...

Thanks for the mini lesson here, I will keep that in mind for the future :) (BTW I love the colors on the glass there, looks great!)

mike rooney studios said...

youre welcome and thanks for your nice words.
i'm fascinated with the tension between trying to have lots of color, have the right values, not overworking the +*^&^& out of it(ie. keeping it simple). i hardly ever think they look right, so i always get up and try it again the next day. if nothing else its easy for me to get them colorful tho'... so one out of three is better than striking out completely i guess...thanks for stopping by

Anonymous said...

Right, how funny, forget that it's glass and just paint it.
Your instructions are very helpful though and I'll keep them close the next time I do glass.
That will be right after I paint twelve people holding hands!! LOL.

mike rooney studios said...

twelve people holding hands?? and i thought glass was hard....
i'll be keeping an eye out for it!
thanks for stopping by
ps i have a mini online lesson on painting glass on Jerrys Artarama (click the logo on the right sidebar of my blog- should take you there or google "painting glass mike rooney jerrys artarama")

Anonymous said...

Mike - don't look anytime soon. I was being totally sarcastic in that hands could be the hardest things to do, so twelve people holding hands...... well, you get it now.
I'm looking for your tutorial link now.

mike rooney studios said...

that one went right over my head. i know exactly what you mean about hands (now i get it!)
when doing anything with a person in it i have to have them looking away (so i dont have to paint their face) and they have to have their hands in their pockets!
check out the pool players buddy on "corner pocket" LOL