Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wonderland- 6x6-SOLD

this was another demo from the workshop where i showed the class how to tweak a photo in photo editing software and then paint it quickly. they seemed to really like that since many were studio painters and like to paint from photos.
i only like to do that when its 30 degrees like its going to be tomorrow.


Allison Currie said...

Stock photo improvement eh? (Stock or home snapshots, whichev) I did that. :) The photo I wanted to use on my last painting was dull and I had to pull the color out of it to make it vivid. Soooo useful and not that hard (Brightness/Contrast manipulation, color balance manipulation, all easy when you just sit and give it a few honest tries.) A person could even use the program to monotone an image in whatever shade they want, or just grayscale to study the values. ^_^ *Photoshop nerd*

Kathleen Hebert said...

Dear Mike:
One of my students has been "following" you and he gave me your link. I LOVE your stuff!!! Great colors, great brushwork, great fun looking at all your paintings. Like your writing style as well. - Kathy

mike rooney studios said...

i love to enhance a photo when i "have" to paint inside. i mean it was like a high of thirty degrees today, so its a good day to paint a bedroom interior. fun to play with what the color, saturation, etc to see what i like.

thanks for coming by. i hope you come often and thanks for the kind words about the blog.

Mikes1024 said...

Hi Mike...this is a great peice. In general I love your work and the way you suggest certain parts of your composition. Some paintings look like photos...but there is no doubt that when I look at your work...its a painting and that's what really catches my eye. Please take this as a compliment. Also, Kathy who posted earlier is my teacher...and is the best...her paintings have the same quality for me...(I realize this is shameless suck-up) you should check out her blog. Take care...Michael.

mike rooney studios said...

mikes1024- you are shameless LOL! best way to make the teach happy and when the teach's happy everybody happy.
preesh the compliment.
i think if you make it look like a photo why not take one? i like my paintings to look like an interpretation of the scene.
this coming from a super realistic painter thirty years ago. how things change.....