Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Small Town Industry-Sold

Here's a recent painting done in the small industrial section of a small town in NC. don't know for sure but i think they're for fuel.

Was cruising some blogs today and found something you need to read.
Steve Allrich was describing why it was so hard to make a living painting. you have to read the whole story.... its great. click here to see the story in his own words. its towards the bottom of his artists statement.
here's the gist of the story.
he's painting out on a farm when a farmer stops and asks him what he's doing. Steve shows him the painting and the farmer likes the thing. he asks the painter how much?
steve gives the guy a super low price because the farmer didnt hassle him. the farmer is shocked and says something like "you gotta be kidding! i can buy a pig for that!"
Steve says this is why its so hard to make a living painting.

AMEN brother! AMEN


Mikes1024 said...

Mike...this guys post is awesome...thanks for sharing. My art teacher says the same...thought not quite as colorfully, same sentiment though.

mike rooney studios said...

yeah i thought it was cool, and he said succinctly what i've been feeling since i went fulltime