Thursday, January 8, 2009

Corner Pocket-SOLD

This used to be one of my favorite pastimes. its alot like painting. to get better you have to practice, practice, and practice some more. and if you take any time off it's like you have to learn it all over again. a good reason not to take time off from painting, or pool.


Mikes1024 said...

Hi Mike...I like this has a cool, gritty feel to it.

mike rooney studios said...

i like gritty subject matter.
poolhalls always "feel" like this painting looks dont they?

Unknown said...

I liked this painting so much because it reminded me of my dad (the young pool shark he was!!) You do excellent work and you have a collector from Minnesota now! I really like these "interiors" and glad the cold temps are bringing you inside to do them! I had to wonder, though, how different our opinion is of "frigid"! LOL! Anyway, take care!

mike rooney studios said...

believe me this is exactly what it looks like in those smoky interiors where everything above shoulder high is in the shadows. and that green felt under flourescent lamps.. it glows.
frigid= 45 degrees right?