Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shem Creek Shrimper-SOLD

A few shrimpers from a trip i took last year. this was done in Mt. Pleasant, SC (outside Charleston).

i blocked it in real quick on that trip and never finished it. had it hanging around the studio for almost a year and finally decided to finish it yesterday. what spurred me into action after a year? i guess because i was doing a painting (from one of my reference photos) from that very same trip. i'll probably post that one tomorrow.

i'm getting homesick for key west and charleston. i hope to go down again in march, like last year. cant wait to paint in surf baggies and flip flops again. especially since its so cold and gray here in coastal NC. the color is so intense in the keys being that its in the tropics. bet you carolina residents didnt know that Southport NC is technically the northern most part of the tropics. thats why bald head island has the tropical foliage and the light of the tropics. that's some trivia you can throw on your friends. Oh yeah! another piece of amazing trivia... jimmy hendrix is a one hit wonder. really! he only had ONE hit.

the moral of this story is never throw away a study or block -in. keep it.... you might finish it a year later and post it on your blog!


Anonymous said...

How often do you get to the Keys?

Joe Dorn said...

Nice painting. I can smell the ocean.

Thanks Mike for the Free Art Lessons at Jerry's Artarama. They are great and I really enjoy them. I am waiting for a lesson on shadows.

Kathleen Hebert said...

Hi Mike:
Your colors are just awesome. I love how you capture light and mood in every one of your little paintings.
I have a question! Do you have a place set up in your studio where you photograph each painting as it is completed? Do you have to do any editing before you put the photo in your blog? (Okay - that was 2 quetions). Care to share any secrets in getting a decent photo? (oops - 3!) Thanks, Mike - Kathy

mike rooney studios said...

anonymous- i went to the keys for the first time last year and liked it so much i'm planning on going back this march. i painted all the way back up hitting savannah and charleston. hope to work my way up slowly all the way from the keys, this time

joe- thanks man.i have instructional dvd's for sale from jerrys as well, if youre interested. let me know and i'll give you the details.

kathleen- thanks for the nice words. i like to keep em real colorful but not gaudy.
i try to take all my shots outside but when i cant (rain etc) i shoot it on my easel. i have two photolamps, one on one side and one on the other. this gets rid of glare. also letting them dry makes them less shiny. glare is awful.
outside in the sun, shooting straight down on them is the best. i shouldnt even be telling you how to take pics of work. i need help myself. but i'll tell you whatever i can that will help.

Kathleen Hebert said...

Thank-you, Mike. I know - photographing paintings is a bitch. I've found using a digital camera to work much better than the film kind. Hanging my paintings on the north side of my house to shoot them helps a lot! However, now there is just too much snow and my camera will violently protest about the cold! If I find any good tips - I'll pass them along. It's good to know that I'm not struggling alone. - Kathy