Friday, October 9, 2009

Clouds Over the River-4x5-SOLD

Around the next bend of the James River trip. Was trying to nail the light key and color harmonies in the short amount of time a 7 knot cruise allows.

Silver Lake at 10 a.m.- 8x10
$350 framed
at Down Creek Gallery- Ocracoke
email me if you want me to get you up with them

After a long day of painting on Ocracoke i jumped up and sat on top of "ole bessie" for this parting glimpse of the big yellow orb. Somewhere floating on the cool breeze was the sounds of somebody playing jimmie buffet on a guitar, at the marina bar, on the dock.

i started contemplating all the places i've seen sunsets from this year and thanked God for letting me do what i really love to do, where i love to do it. i've stayed and painted on islands from cape cod to key west this year, and feel exceedingly blessed. i've met some of the finest folks on the planet.
thanks to everybody who's ever bought one of my paintings, taken one of my workshops, let me stay at their house, or showed me all the cool places to paint (and eat, and have fun) on their island. i hope God blesses you for your kindness to me, and that He allows me to keep doing what i love, where i love to do it (on an island)
i've got saltwater in my blood, and dont want to get more than a few yards from it for very long.

hope it shows in every brushstroke i make.

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