Saturday, October 3, 2009

Houseboatin' Trip to Norfolk

i'm on a painting adventure (again you say?)
when i write posts about my painting exploits, i dont intend to make people jealous on purpose, it just works out that way. LOL
Just left the docks on Capt Boardmans houseboat to tool along the James River from Richmond to Norfolk (about a nine hour trip) to hang out and paint along the way for a few days.
What a life, eh? its tuff but somebody's gotta do it! so it might as well be me, right?
i'll post paintings along the way as they're completed.
The lovely and charming Captainess Mary and First Mate Rich

Captain Boardman oversees the course as we boat down the James River on the way to Norfolk

Blue Skies and Blue House- 10x8

contact me for availability

did this one with my painter friend (in rhode island) Kathy Weber. its fun to look at her blog and see hers and compare it to mine.


Kathy Weber said...

Nice job on this! And painting while boating down the river- sounds good to me...

mike rooney studios said...

kathy- thanks! its a blast. these little ones i'm doing are while we're underway at about 7 knots so i've got less than ten minutes to finish the scene before we go around a bend and the scene is gone. good excercise for quick color mixing, editing all but the most essential info and strengthening the memory powers.
kind of like figure painters do ten minute live poses and all they can get is the gesture. this is the landscape painters version.