Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Conch Point Boat-5x7-SOLD

Did this demo painting today, the second day of the three day Morehead City Workshop. Love these three day workshops because i can take my time and explain the "how to's" of painting, and not just let people loose painting without instruction, which frustrates them and me.
Painting is a learned skill just like cooking. if you want to cook someone can show you how to make a nice dish if you use these ingredients, and put this in with that, and cook it this long. if you do all those things the way they said to do it, even if you've never done it before, it'll turn out. its not some mystical thing that only the "annointed" can do. hogwash. a little aptitude and a whole lot of "how to info" and you'll be painting. doesnt mean it'll be that good right away. like anything else, it takes practice practice practice.
i have a really good class this go round and they make teaching such a rewarding experience. thanks "girls" LOL


Becky Drees said...

Gorgeous, Mike! The colors are STUNNING!

mike rooney studios said...

becky- thanks so much. i had fun kinda jazzing this one