Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ride Times Two-6x6-SOLD

$8 s/h
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Just felt like doing some figures today since i've been on traveling/landscape painting tear for a while now. Took a bunch of photos yesterday on the Ocracoke to Cedar Island ferry. Got to hang out with Doug Hoover this week on ocracoke. he's the guy i got the idea for the ferry riders from. thanks doug!

Get this one before it dries and gets sent to the gallery!


Douglas Hoover said...

Hey Mike, great hanging out with you! And great job on the "ferry riders"... you captured the moment. Stopped by the Down Creek and took at the latest pieces "drying". Awesome work as always.

Ok, time to unload, wash clothes and empty the cooler.

mike rooney studios said...

doug- thanks for the nice words about my latest stuff!
enjoyed hanging out at Howards with you, too. those buffalo shrimp are the best. talk to your bartender buddy and get him to carry Red Bull and i'll be in heaven! LOL
i start teaching out of town tomorrow so no time to do any errands until monday a week from now. good and bad to be this busy, so i wont complain...much :)

Steve said...

Mike, I really dig all of your ferry pieces. Looking at this one, I can almost feel the ferry moving. The figures are terrific-posture, skin tones, etc., not to mention hands and feet which always give me fits. Love it!.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks alot! the ferry pieces are very challenging because if you make a tree to tall or fat, who's gonna know. but you make an arm too long or a hand too fat and the whole world becomes a knowledgeable critic. everybody and their brother knows when the human bodies not drawn right. so i love working on these candid poses and the ferry rides i take give me all the subject matter i could care to paint. thanks again.