Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Old Homestead-9x12

$350 framed
$8 s/h
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Also available at Tidewater Gallery in Swansboro

i recently read an article online where they hooked a machine to peoples head and could tell where they were looking when they were shown a picture of something. seems alot of what we learned you HAD to do in compositions was wrong. the people didnt follow around a certain way from this to that in a flowing manner. they looked in order of prominence from the greatest value change, sharpest lines, and most saturated color. it didnt even matter if a figure was looking off the page. these people's eye didnt go off the page but instead went to the next sharpest line, value change and brightest color. this article has changed the way i think about "flow". my take on this is that most of these composition books were written in the early nineteen hundreds (or earlier) before "moving pictures",TV and videos and that we've learned to look at things in a little bit different way? jumping from most interesting to next most interesting instead of linearly. just my guess. it has liberated me tho' i'll say!


frances pizzino said...

Hi MR I'll have to notice where my eyes go...but think it's color (intensity),dark light etc. BUT your architecture pieces always grab me...really admire your knowing what to put where, seemingly very intuitively????.... Touches my 'back home' place. Whatever the reasons...works for me. Thanks for sharing your process...always thought provoking Francesca

mike rooney studios said...

thanks! i love to paint architecture (as you can probably tell)
the article about how the eye picks up on things was really interesting. freed me up!
youre exactly right. the eye searches for value changes, size contrasts, and intense vs. less intense contrasts.