Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sound Investment- SOLD

can finally post the commission i've been working on a few days this week. delivered it to the couple today.
pretty happy the way it came out. have never done a complicated house this large plein air before. Went to the same exact spot at the same time several days in a row to complete it.


Kathy Weber said...

Nice job! And I love the gesso rack.

mike rooney studios said...

kathleen- it works sooo good. no more laying panels all over the place. you can coat dozens of 'em and stack em all in the space of a card table. used to take up my whole side yard and the bugs used to get in the gessoe not to mention no more bending down!

Anonymous said...

Mike- this lucky couple. You did such a fine job on the detail while still giving it your touch of light and shadow.
The owners were pretty smart to commission YOU!

It's a beauty.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks so much! you always say the sweetest things. i had a good time doing this house "portrait"
they really love this house and i knew i had to do a great job on it. thankfully they liked it.