Monday, August 16, 2010

A Few from Last Week

Early for Lunch- 8x10
$800 framed

Early Light-8x10
$800 framed
Getting the light right on interiors is a way more subtle proposition than it is on landscapes where the ground is usually one value and temperature, as well as all the other components. but in an interior painting the lighting is more complex. the top of the bed can be in varying temperatures of light in just a two square foot area. not to mention reflected light! its bouncing all around in there and the challenge is to keep it painterly but to also be true to the light. my problem is that i'd gladly sacrifice painterly strokes to accurately portray the light. its a real tightrope to get accuracy and keep it painterly and fresh.
i like the way these came out. one "fell off the brush" the other i worked on over several days, refining and tweaking. each painting is like one of your kids if you have several... each one unique in their own way.


Berit said...

Beautiful paintings:)

mike rooney studios said...

berit- thank you very much! they were fun to paint

Becky Joy said...

Love your use of color. Wonderful work.

Cal, Denver Painting Contractor said...

Great use of paint colors portraying early morning! Great Work Mike~

mike rooney studios said...

becky and painting contractor- thank you! the balance between light coming in thru a window and the interior lighting (light bulbs) is fun to try to capture. and tho' i dont see myself as an interior painter per se, seeing and capturing light is the same whether its inside or out.