Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Interiors for the Show in Cape Cod in Oct.

Blonde and Gold-8x10
Heading to Rowley Gallery in Orleans, Mass.

Headed to Rowley Gallery in Orleans, Mass.

these interiors are growing on me. theyre much different than my plein air work in so many ways. theyre done in the studio with no time constraints which is nice and also fraught with danger. too much time could lead to fussiness and tight rendering, the opposite of what i'm after when i put brush to canvas.

i'll be showing an exhibition of my new interior paintings in a solo show at the Rowley Gallery in October.


Berit said...

Beautiful paintings:)

Have a nice day:)

Shellie Lewis said...

These are wonderful. Viewers in museum spaces are a favorite subject of mine. I love how they feel intimate of strangers in public.