Thursday, August 5, 2010

Study #0804-SOLD


Well you didnt think i could go long without painting almost everyday did you? Seems that spending all day looking for "just the right one" to paint because it has to be GREAT doesnt suit me. But i am glad that i slowed the pace down and started doing better quality work.
Since there were things to draw with painters have done studies and what we who were in the graphics design industry called our comp drawings (fancy name for color sketches)
its a way to think out things on paper, or in this case canvas. put this there, leave that out. its also a way to be able to test out new ideas and subject matter without bruising our ego's too much if they didnt work out without sacrificing our image in the pursuit of excellence.
what i didnt realize about my daily painter stint was that i was a lot less scared to paint anything and everything that made me happy and that i was starting to get "SAFE" with my painting. always doing the one's that i knew would work out etc. Thats boring, unchallenging and just not a good fit for my "what the (&*()&(*%, its only ten cents worth of materials" mentality. its this mentality that i think has gotten me this far this fast. seems a lot of painters were writing me emails saying "i love your devil may care attitude when it comes to painting" and here lately i've been trying to ONLY paint things that i know i could do well, in a way i knew i could do them well. i just wasnt as happy, creatively as in my one-a-day days. i just wont be pushing them out slapdash, and i wont let a small one take precedence over larger gallery work. this will be the best of both worlds.
so you'll be seeing my "playing around" stuff in the form of numbered sketches (they wont even have titles). they'll be smaller than i traditionally give galleries and they wont be highly rendered, and thus i'll be able to sell them substantially cheaper than my gallery work. Most of which will be larger and come from the smaller sketches i think will look better bigger. thats the whole purpose of small ones, to work out ideas for bigger paintings!


Linda Popple said...

I'm happy you are doing dailies again. I enjoy your small paintings as much as your large ones.

The colors in this study are lovely, especially the water and reflections. Well done!

DGehman said...

When you posted the photo from Bill's pier, I was wondering what you'd do with that derelict boat... now I know.

The water's especially incredible.

mike rooney studios said...

linda- thanks! the small ones keep things interesting dont they?

dave- yeah. the things about to fall completely over in that shallow water. the next storm maybe! i like the way it points into the line of boats that takes you left to right and then up the trees to the clouds back across. Circular composition.thanks!

DGehman said...

Meanwhile, now for something different. Last Oct 23 or so, you had a picture of your gessoing station, with clever dowel and pegboard panel drier --

You mentioned getting 50 panels from a piece of masonite - do you have a cutting schedule/diagram that you can share?

mike rooney studios said...

dave-dont have a pattern or anything. just cut em up and cut the scraps into 6x6s and 6x8's