Friday, August 27, 2010

Hot Stuff-6x8-$400 framed

this whole chef series will be available soon at the Rowley Gallery

on this one i played with a more abstract background than some of the prior pieces.

thats what makes this painting business worth messing with. the ability to take every piece, everyday, and experiment with different things. thats why its impossible for an external force to steer or guide an artist. it has to come from an internal desire on our part to paint the thing and have fun experimenting with this and that, even if its a series. this way we can see what we like and what we dont like about the paint handling, background, color palette, loose, tight, etc, etc. its a learning process for each subject until we are comfortable with our "look" and feel that we are doing what makes us happy. doing that keeps it from being a job for us. and as everybody knows we painter types dont like "jobs" :D

all you painters let me know your thoughts in the comments section!


Lynn Lancaster said...

You are correct Mike. Thats what makes a commission such a hard thing sometimes. You have no internal connection to the painting being commissioned, therefore making the painting work instead of pleasure. I paint some things sometimes that speak to me. I have a painting on my blog of an itenerant shoeshine guy. Everyone who sees it likes it, but no one wanted the painting on their wall.

DGehman said...

As a beginner, everything remains fascinating to me -- that, or frustrating. Or both.

If it's all just shapes and colors (and eventually, masterly brush strokes) what does the subject matter? That said, I still have the luxury of doing exactly what I want.

Meanwhile, your chef is a man who enjoys his work -- judging by his girth. You've caught one of the tightwire moments in fine cooking: will the dish be done before the foam extinguishing system goes off?

And I really like the Manet "brown soup" in the background, especially fitting in this context. I'm going to spend some time trying to mix your stainless steel -- great use of color here and throughout.

DGehman said...

'what does the subject matter' needs translation. It means "it doesn't matter what the subject is."

Klinger Studios said...

I agree, Mike. You're right, experimenting is fun and it's how we learn what WE like. I have so much to learn and I enjoy the process, but I worry sometimes that I'm floundering on my own and taking the long way to get where I'm going. But I guess there are no real short cuts. I need to learn to trust my process.