Monday, August 30, 2010

Pouring the Bubbly-6x8-$400 framed

available soon at Rowley Gallery

i think this is the last 6x8 i'll be painting thats headed to cape cod , and ive got one more 8x10 interior to do. ive enjoyed the studio time but i'm missing painting outside a little. the temps arent quite as high as theyve been the last couple of weeks so it makes me want to get outside again.

on this one i underpainted it in a more traditional style by underpainting with the viridian of the walls and its complement alizarin crimson, and white. i toned the panel in a burnt orange and drew the shapes with an orange oil pastel. then after underpainting i used the very detailed underpainting plan and added the right colors to each shape, staying very true to each value i had in the underpainting.

Well...on a totally unrelated note.... the waves came in today. hooray. and tasty ones at that.


jimmy craig womble said...

Good studio pics, Rooney! Hope you do well up there. Yea, we got skunked on the waves! Caught a few good ones Sat after dinner, but tomorrow and Thurs should give me something to drop in on! Maybe we can paint next week some... been hitting the studio hard too the last sev. weeks. See you soon, JC

mike rooney studios said...

jimmyc- wish you'd get a blog going dude, would love to see what youre doing in the studio. keep your head down during the storm and let me know how y'all fared up there in atlantic beach.
yeah lets get together and paint when all this is over and if there's anything standing LOL