Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Interior of a Kitchen

The Next Order-6x8
$400 framed
headed to Rowley Gallery in Orleans, Mass.

A kitchen scene. who hasnt wanted to paint some chefs with those big hats? i like the silvery kitchen and those stark white areas of the chef near the light.


jimmy craig womble said...

Rooney! Looking good, man! Beating the recent heat by doing some interiors? Hope you're well. Would say lets paint, but it looks like we'll need to be in the water for the next week!! Might try tomorrow, though. I'll call you later.

I see shades of Auster in this one, with the chefs and all!

Justin Holdren said...

I ditto what Jimmy said. The second I saw this I thought of Ken Auster's paintings, but they are also unmistakingly Rooney!

mike rooney studios said...

jimmyc- thanks man! ive got that interior show coming up so the timing couldnt have been better to be inside painting for it.
give me a call when we're going to start hitting some rural stuff. cant wait

justin- the biggest difference (other than huge skill level difference)is that i like a little more recognizable backgrounds than auster. he does a great chef scene doesnt he?