Sunday, February 6, 2011

On the Docks in Key West-6x8

note- theres tons of glare in the sky on this photo you wont see in person. photographing really dark paint is hard and youre seeing little reflections (hilites) on the paint in the sky. i like to think theyre little stars LOL


did this one after sunset using a headlamp to light up the painting and palette where i was mixing color.

my night time paintings are way better than when i did my first nocturnal down here two yrs ago. i've done many since then and as they say "practice makes perfect"

on this night there was a soft warm breeze, and music from bar bands playing, not to mention the smell of good food floating thru the air. i painted this one till about 9 pm. the whole time i was thinking "not bad... painting after dark in shorts and a t-shirt in February! This is the life!"

Corner of Southard and Elizabeth St-6x8
a little number from today. the town is full of these cool older tin-roofed houses with porches all the way across the front, surrounded by palms, banana trees, and other tropical plants and bushes. when the sun hits em just right i gotta paint em!

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