Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On the Docks-8x10

headed to Gallery on Greene

the night i painted this was entirely different than when i painted "on the docks-key west-6x8". it was chilly and we had a gusty cold wind out of the north. people were walking around in coats and sweatshirts. it was maybe 55. and yes i'm spoiled now and had on a sweatshirt. i know.... i can see those tears of sorrow for me right now :D

there old adage that the more you do something the easier it gets is true. the nocturne's are getting easier to analyse out there therefor making it easier to paint in a believable manner. and in less time, which is a bonus since i'm not paid by the hour.


patricia walsh said...

I really like this one, has a certain cold feeling that I know all too well living in New England.

mike rooney studios said...

can you feel the bone chilling 55 degree temp i braved to get this one? lol
stay warm up there patricia!