Monday, February 21, 2011

Crepe Myrtle On Elizabeth St. -8x8-SOLD

Boca Chica Beach Afternoon Light-12x16
headed to Gallery on Greene Show

Home Sweet Home-8x10
headed to show

Busy getting the last paintings done for the show. framing, inventorying, tweaking and nerves over how they'll be recieved. all part of putting together a body of work for a show. i like about 75% of what i did. is that a normal amount? should i like more (too critical) should i like less (not critical enough). who cares? it is what it is. i'm sure no one in the creative field is ever satisfied with what theyve done. if we ever did, we'd probably find another stimulating challenge.
all i know is the keys resound in my soul. i feel at home here, tho i only live here part of the year. and in no time (about 30 days) i'll be heading to another home. i guess i'm one of those guys, "wherever i lay my hat is my home"


jimmy craig womble said...

Hey Rooney! Looks like you've put together a wonderful group of paintings for the show. Best of luck to you, they should be well received! Hope to talk soon, JC

mike rooney studios said...

thanks jimmy! you just delivered a show so you know the feeling of the deadline,the doubts, and exhilaration. and that odd feeling when theyre all gone to the gallery and the studio is empty. nothing to do now but put a shirt on with no paint on it, some real shoes and make small talk at the reception. take a few days off and start getting ready for the next one! lets talk bro. miss my surfing painter friends!