Friday, February 25, 2011

Study Aid For Sale yellow, blue and white block on salmon

Tropical Corner Midday Light- 8x10
headed to Gallery on Greene

i'm offering this oil study of some blocks on a salmon colored table cloth as a study aid for anybody thats ever taken my Cape School Underpainting class (or any other cape school instructors workshop- ie camille prezwodek, susan sarback, lois griffel, mary giammarino, john clayton, or rob longley).

what it will do for you is show you how different notes of color in the same value are layered one on top of the other to simulate flickering sunlight. this is what monet, seurat, pissaro, sargent and others were after. monet, seurat, pissaro, charles hawthorne, and others started the impressionist movement letting the eye optically mix the color on the canvas. it really looks like sunlight when you use this method. i'll be teaching it in atlanta at Binders Art Store in October or December. the dates still undetermined but i'll have it nailed down in a week or so and post it on the right sidebar, should you want to sign up. Look at the close up of the white block in sunlight, below. look at the subtle yellows, pinks, and oranges that were laid on top of a lavender (the same value) to create opulence.

believe me when i tell you that if you buy this study aid it will change the way you paint a shape. never flat looking again! and in this case "a picture (or the actual painting in your hand) is worth a thousand words!"

8x10 on gessoed board



Douglas Clark said...

This came right to my blogspot.I like the way this painting glows with light.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks doug!