Friday, February 4, 2011

One Way Off Duval-8x6-SOLD

Standing on Duval looking across the street. one of the many one way streets here in key west. tho' this one isnt about it, there's a real beat to Duval St. its like being at mardi gras on Bourbon Street. bars with no front walls, hundreds of people up and down the street, carnival-type barkers trying to get you to go in their t-shirt place, music floating all around mixed with the smell of good food from streetside cafes. the rhythm of the street. below is a rhythm of a different sort.

i'm starting to get the rhythm that the body has in different poses. never really saw that fluidness until weeks of these gesture drawings. its more than just getting the proportions right. theres a balance/counterbalance thing going on. like ying and yang.

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