Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Maine Workshop Date Next Year

White St. Morning-8x6
This was started during my plein air workshop at the Studios of Key West on White St. I blocked it in in about thirty minutes to show students how to forget about all but the biggest shapes. Capture the color and edit! so tonite i finished it up because i dont like to take an hour away from them painting just to finish the demo. usually they dont finish the first one either.

Just got the news today that i'll be holding a five day intensive plein air workshop at Acadia Workshop Center in Maine in September of 2012. the landscape is beautiful and there will be a class full of eager students, since the majority will be coming a long way to study there. Its located on Mt Desert Island, which is the second longest island on the east coast. i cant wait. somebody brought it to my attention that i gravitate towards teaching/painting on islands and here's just another example of that right?

Dont forget that i've also got a Maine workshop scheduled in August of this year at Port Clyde (and we'll possibly go over to Monhegan Island) We're going to stay in a beautiful hotel called Ocean House and he's offered us the dining room for class if the weather refuses to cooperate. this class will be limited to just a few so it'll fill up fast. if youre interested give me a shout at 919-920-9718 and i'll get you down. bring the rest of your family and make it a great august vacation. there's lots to do for everybody and great scenery

The Blue Gate- 8x10

this had several things that caught my eye. the blue gate, the bouganvillea tree and the house all juxtaposed. the windows were boarded up on the house (its being renovated) so i kept the brown shapes and just added window panes to make it look lived in. took out some houses that were behind it to make it more solitary, plus there was enough already going on in the composition. in my workshops i always stress how important it is to edit, edit, edit. take out whatever is not important to telling your story in paint.

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