Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Conch House-6x6-SOLD

KeyWest is covered with these little conch houses and i love the way the palms and vegetation envelope them and when the sun hits em just right theyre so cool. there arent alot of big mcmansions here and most people have learned to live in much smaller quarters than the rest of the beach communities i go to. as more and more people inhabit the island the less space there is to spread out, plus the cost of property here is really expensive. so most people have postage stamp sized lots. you never see anybody out on a riding mower thats for sure.

Workshop News- Ive got a few spots left in my Paint Camp workshop in Fort Pierce, Fl. april 1st and 2nd. you can take one day or both. its really geared for the inexperienced painter that doesnt feel confident yet, as well as the complete beginner who always wanted to paint but was too scared to try! drop me an email or call me- 9199209718 to reserve a spot.

One spot left in the Wilmington NC workshop Apr. 11-13. call or email me to get that last spot