Monday, March 28, 2011

Pretty in Pink on Newton St.-6x6-SOLD

One from the "Meadows" area far from Old Town but just as beautiful, with quiet streets and tons of conch houses to paint.

Note: CONTRAVERSY AHEAD-- We've got a raging discussion going on about yesterdays post where i gave my two cents about the nasty habit of a small number of people going from painting blog to painting blog giving their pearls of wisdom (read: unsolicited criticism) of artists work.

NOTE: Now dont worry! i'm not mad or losing my laid back vibe.... i'm stirring up the pot, i know. not because i dont want negative comments on my blog or cant handle criticism (if i couldnt i'd have quit the painting business years ago) but because i think a post needed to be written on the proper way to offer criticism of an artists work. I'm doing it for all the artists out there who have had unwarranted negativity hurled at their masterpiece. us artist types are very insecure after all. and if they must give this unsolicited criticism they should do it in a private email instead of out in front of people who are considering buying an artists work off their blog. its how a few of us pay all our bills, after all.

A lot of artists read this blog and i'm assuming a few will agree with me on this.

i'm just saying that if an artist doesnt specifically ask for it, these "snipers" (who have no credentials or relationship with the artist) are IMHO being rude. most of the time you go to look at their profile (on Blogger) to see their work, and there isnt even a profile, much less a website full of wonderful artwork. i can learn from such a person. if a person who doesnt paint regularly (and at least as well as the person theyre critiqueing) is going to be inconsiderate concerning our work, at least they should leave their correct name and have an email address where we can give them our opinions as well, in private. am i wrong on this?

there's been quite a bit of follow-up comments and i'd love to know what you think of this topic. feel free to 'flame' me (remember that word, old timers?) if you disagree with me. i asked for it. uh oh LOL post script: Doug IS NOT the person who got this firestorm started. he was very kind and prompted me to write the post about how one should offer alternative ways of doing something, ie. a painting. he did it exactly right and i appreciate him for his comments.

Red Sail- 6x8



Douglas Clark said...

I look at blogs for two reasons, to see great art and hopefully to learn a bit more about painting. I enjoy reading what you write about art and I enjoy studying your paintings. You are one of those rare artists whose art trully speaks to a time and place.

Patty said...

This is interesting. It would never occur to me to critique someone else's work unless they asked. And even then it's a dicey proposition. It's too easy these days to hide behind anonymity.
I'm with you - delete the annoyances without a second thought.

mike rooney studios said...

doug- thanks! i really love the places i paint and i try to catch them in flattering light. about my thoughts on art... the blog is the only place i feel like i can say exactly what i want about certain topics. i'm in the business of selling art and giving workshops to pay my bills. the rule about not talking about religion and politics at work applies to way more than just those two topics if you like to eat three times a day LOL

patty- youre exactly right. i'll take your advice and hit delete

natalie said...

Have not seen you in a while and just miss your crazy style! Just wanted to check out what you are up to and I am glad to see you still like to make a few waves... I would be worried about you if you didn't! God bless you brother, and I know He will use you where ever you are!