Saturday, March 26, 2011

Conch Colors-1st try

this ones all about color harmonies. yellow and a very warm blue. these are very close neighbors arent they? you can probably hear the person in the next house breathing. a little too close for my tastes, but thats old town key west. i do love painting em when theyre this close (and colorful)


Douglas Clark said...

I like how you cropped this painting. I think I would have been tempted to edit out the cars but it works just as you did it.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks doug. it could have gone either way. but i do cars sometimes to get a "snap shot" authentic look if i think it might be too sugary sweet. the thing to notice is how theyre painted to make the houses the stars of the show

Douglas Clark said...

I like how you described it as a "snap shot" that descibes it perfectly and adds to the painting in a very positive way. I really like it.

mike rooney studios said...

doug- i repainted Conch Colors taking your suggestion and reposted it (along with a lengthy diatribe). thanks for using the "sandwich" technique in pointing out the error of my ways. the painting is much improved because you went about it the right way.
happy painting!

William R. Moore said...

IMHO, I don't know if this is an improvement or you now have made two good and different paintings. When I saw your March 26 post of the first, I liked and thought that the cars served as a lead in and helped by overlap to create some depth. The cars also add story of how on these small lots how close to the street the houses are built.I liked the cars-roof triangular relationship of purples and lavenders that leads the eye around the painting. I think your instincts on the first were good.

I often give both positive and negative criticism and can be less tactful than I should. I don't mean to offend but I should show more sensitivity to feelings.

I know there is a strong emotional relationship between we artist and our work. They are like our children and know no one takes negative criticism of our children well without some knee-jerk response. A person does have to be very careful and sensitive when doing it.

I think the "post a Comment" like "Critism" invites both positive and negative responses. Maybe the "Post a Comment" should be accompanied by qualifications: "Favorable Comments Only," "I really don't want your comment unless it is favorable," "Criticisms appreciated," " Please no criticism." Your response to this question is a good one and maybe should accompany all "Post a Comment"on blogs.

The artist can't help but here or overhear negative comments ( gallery openings, art shows, internet) and would be wise for emotional health to learn to deal in a less emotional manner to negative or positive critism even though much is nit-picking and not really constructive. I like to say Artist beware of both positive and negative criticism. I do think that even the unitiated or informed art person can give valid constructive comments.

I recently posted a comment on another artist blog that I felt was fare both positive and negative. Some other comments posted felt my comment was too negative. The artist came to my defense and said she appreciated my criticism and thought there is to much of only favorable comments on blogs. She said that I had qualified my comments and she had considered it but liked what bothered me and planned to leave it unchanged. I thought this was a very good and sincere response to my "comment." One commenter made a very good point that negative criticism may affect sales and should be given by email in a more private way.

I have really enjoyed following all of your Key West post.

I realize that the purpose of your post today was to show how you responded to Doug's negative comment about the first conch color post and how it influenced the painting and what you found good about his post and what you find wrong with some "negative" post. I didn't think Doug's comment: Blogger

Douglas Clark said...
like how you cropped this painting. I think I would have been tempted to edit out the cars but it works just as you did it.

was a negative one. I thought it was positive with an innocent comment that he might have handled it different ( and what artist could help but do it different) but that you had pulled it off successfully. I guess it could be interpreted as a backhanded dig. I guess all comments are open to individual interpretation.

This "comment" is sincerely given from by a fans and not one once of offense was ever intended.


William R. Moore said...

I apologize after such a long comment,but failed to edit well and see several mistakes. I meant uninformed and ounce.

William R. Moore said...

Mike, sorry posting here, meant to post on the repaint post. All of this comments for William R Moore can be removed.

William R. Moore said...

Mike my bad. Intended my post to be on the repaint. All of my post may be removed here.

Unknown said...

Really good painting tips.